Acrylic bottle processing technology--engraving (1)


In this article, we will talk about the acrylic process […]

In this article, we will talk about the acrylic processing technology - the process of engraving. Acrylic engraving is mainly applied to the acrylic processing of irregular shapes. For example, in the acrylic wine rack, this acrylic product is carved into the shape of a cartoon human figure through the acrylic processing--engraving process. In this article, we focus on some details of the carving process of Shaoxing Yalong packaging manufacturers.

The first step, the specifications of the feeding and engraving. Before engraving, the engraving machine should be selected according to the engraved acrylic sheet. For example, the acrylic sheet with acrylic sheet in the range of 1158*830mm needs to select “Shaoxing Yalong Packaging Factory Boye” machine. If the acrylic sheet engraving range is within the range of 1100*550mm, select “Shaoxing Yalong Packaging”. The manufacturer group "engraving machine" engraving.