Acrylic bottles for food packaging are good or good for PET


Food should be kept in a plastic bag as much as possibl […]

Food should be kept in a plastic bag as much as possible. Any plastic will decompose under high temperature, and harmful substances will be decomposed to affect health.
PET (polyethylene terephthalate) is made of plastic.
Advantages of PET: The plastic has the characteristics of light weight, high transparency, impact resistance and non-fragmentation, etc. It can also prevent carbon dioxide gas, keep the soda water qi, good preservation, and emphasize the technical trend of heat resistance and pressure resistance. The bottle became the main drinker of today. Many beverages that require high-temperature bacteria to be filled, such as flavored water, juice, dairy products, drinking, sports drinks, etc., have also been packaged in PET bottles. PET bottles have become the main packaging materials for drinking products. Due to its low environmental pollution and energy consumption, PET bottles have gradually replaced traditional packaging materials in today's environmental protection. With its functions of heat resistance and pressure resistance, it has recently replaced various PVC bottles, bags, aluminum cans, iron cans, glass bottles, etc., and has become the packaging material with the most growth potential.
Acrylic is a generic term for acrylic and methacrylic chemicals, and is commonly known as plexiglass in combination with two other materials. Excellent transparency and outstanding aging resistance; its specific gravity is less than half of ordinary glass, its resistance to chipping is several times higher; it has good insulation and mechanical strength; it has strong resistance to acid, alkali and salt. Corrosion resistance; and easy to process; can be bonded, sawed, planed, drilled, engraved, ground, screen printing, sandblasting and other manual and mechanical processing, after heating can be bent into a variety of acrylic products.