Acrylic packaging bottle processing technology - cutting


In the introduction of the acrylic bottle manufacturing […]

In the introduction of the acrylic bottle manufacturing process, the system introduces the important part of the acrylic processing technology. The acrylic bottle has material cutting, engraving, trimming, punching, polishing, tearing, silk screen, hot bending, bonding and packaging. Acrylic processing technology. In these processes, the polishing process of acrylic products, the silk screen process of acrylic products, and the hot bending process of acrylic products are also described in detail. Now I will give you a detailed introduction to the acrylic processing technology - cutting materials.

The material is cut from the whole acrylic sheet (the general acrylic sheet is 2440*1220mm and 2500*1500mm) into several small pieces by saw blade. In the process, we have to notice that the saw blade of the cutting machine exists. The thickness of the acrylic sheet, usually within 20 mm thick, is that the saw blade has a thickness of 2 mm (a sheet of more than 20 mm thick requires a saw blade of 3 mm thickness), so this has a problem of poor size during the cutting process.

Therefore, we need to accurately calculate the dimensional difference after processing this acrylic bottle. For example: if the size of the acrylic packaging board of Shaoxing Yalong packaging factory is 10mm, we need extra 4mm (including 2mm saw blade thickness and acrylic processing technology - flat planing thickness 2mm), of course, acrylic bottle processing -- Tolerance problems occur more or less in the material opening. As long as the above details are noted, the processing tolerance of the acrylic bottle can be controlled within the normal acrylic tolerance.