Basic knowledge of acrylic bottle processing


Acrylic bottle processing is a collective term for a se […]

Acrylic bottle processing is a collective term for a set of processes, and a detailed description of some of the detailed environments in the previous acrylic processing article. In the acrylic material processing, it can be cut and cut by mechanical lathe, drilled with drilling machine, and can also be bonded into various shapes of acrylic products with special glue such as 520, such as acrylic cigarette mold, acrylic mobile phone display stand, acrylic cosmetics display. And so on, these are all common in our lives.

Moreover, in the processing process of acrylic packaging bottles, the resin plastic molding methods such as blow molding, injection and extrusion at high temperature are processed into large-scale aircraft models, acrylic fish tanks, acrylic transparent buildings and other large-scale acrylic processing products, and small acrylic processing products such as : Acrylic toothbrushes, acrylic toothpicks, acrylic storage boxes, acrylic toiletries, and many other amazing acrylic crafts.

Next, I will explain the points that should be paid attention to in the processing of acrylic bottles.

First, ordinary acrylic sheets will deform when the temperature is about 100 degrees. Acrylic products processed above this temperature will lose the unique characteristics of acrylic.
Second, the hardness of acrylic, the hardness of the acrylic surface is only equivalent to aluminum, should be very careful when using or acrylic processing, to avoid scratching and loss of surface gloss.
Third, acrylic processing static electricity, which is easy to generate static electricity and absorb dust in summer or in dry acrylic processing workshops. When cleaning, use a soft cotton cloth dampened with soapy water or sky blue water.
Fourthly, the acrylic casting plate will have a certain expansion coefficient during the acrylic processing, so it is necessary to consider the expansion space of the acrylic plate in the process of stacking acrylic or acrylic processing.