Can pressure sensitive gaskets be used to seal honey?


Pressure sensitive gaskets can be used to seal honey be […]

Pressure sensitive gaskets can be used to seal honey because pressure sensitive gaskets seal food.
Pressure-sensitive sealing gasket is pressure-sensitive gasket: pressure-sensitive gasket, also known as pressure-sensitive gasket, is composed of pressure-sensitive adhesive and ps foam sealing gasket. It can be pasted at the bottle mouth under external force to seal. The role of preservation. It is a one-piece, aluminum-free foil that provides a sealing function at room temperature by the pressure of the cap lock.
Pressure sensitive gasket thickness: about 1MM diameter:
Pressure sensitive gasket: Pressure sensitive gaskets are used in glass bottles, metal bottles and various plastic bottles.
Simply place the gasket on the bottom of the cap (the printed one faces the bottom of the cap) and tighten the cap. After about 100 minutes, when the cap is removed, the pressure sensitive gasket is tightly attached to the bottle mouth to achieve the purpose of sealing.
Gasket use:
Suitable for non-liquid and paste food and pharmaceutical packaging, whether it is glass or plastic bottles. The degree of bonding depends on factors such as ambient temperature, cap pressure and the like.