How to make acrylic products clean in acrylic processing?(1)


There are such factors as movement, friction, static el […]

There are such factors as movement, friction, static electricity, etc. during the processing of acrylic, which will cause defects in the processing of acrylic products. How do we guarantee the cleanliness and perfection of acrylic products?

First, acrylic processing materials. Choose the right acrylic sheet according to the processed acrylic products (domestic transparent acrylic sheet: 1.25*1.85M 1.25*2.45M imported transparent acrylic sheet: 2*3M)

Second, acrylic processing fillers. Recycled materials in acrylic are more soluble in organic solvents than new ones, so that cracks often appear in the paint after engraving. In order to better solve this problem, we generally choose 1. Select resin-based pigments; Choose amino paint (available at chemical stores); 3. Polish after painting.