Identifying the quality of acrylic bottle materials (1)


There are several ways to identify the quality of acryl […]

There are several ways to identify the quality of acrylic bottles. Whether it is acrylic products or articles about acrylic or plexiglass, there are many in terms of process and process. However, in this article, we will talk about the acrylic material processing process and the choice of acrylic materials before the acrylic processing process. A good piece of acrylic material determines a high-quality acrylic product. It is obvious that if you choose a poor quality acrylic material, the processed acrylic product will be deformed, yellowed or blackened or processed into many defective products. These issues are directly related to the choice of acrylic materials. Here are some ways to judge the quality of acrylic materials for everyone to identify later.
The first observation method: This is a method based on the material characteristics of Acrylic itself. When purchasing acrylic, we can see if the acrylic sheet has a slight fading or a low gloss. If it exists, the acrylic quality is not good. In addition to this observation method, it can be seen whether the specification of acrylic is consistent with the actual condition of the acrylic sheet. If it is inconsistent, it can be judged that the acrylic material is irregular.