Properties of Acrylic Plexiglass Materials (2)


Heat resistance The heat resistance of the acrylic mate […]

Heat resistance
The heat resistance of the acrylic material is not high, although its glass transition temperature reaches 104 ° C, but the continuous use temperature varies between 65 ° C and 95 ° C depending on the working conditions, and the heat distortion temperature is about 96 ° C (1.18 MPa). ). The heat resistance can be improved by a method in which a monomer is copolymerized with propylene methacrylate or ethylene glycol diacrylate. The cold resistance is also poor, and the embrittlement temperature is about 9.2 °C. Polymethyl methacrylate has moderate thermal stability, superior to polyvinyl chloride and polyoxymethylene, but less than polyolefin and polystyrene. The thermal decomposition temperature is slightly higher than 270 ° C, and its flow temperature is about 160 ° C. There is a wide range of melt processing temperatures.